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Greg Egan grew up in a small town Gladstone in New South Wales. Borrowing horses that they were not being used so that he could spend time with them and then start riding. He learnt to ride bareback and picked it up pretty quick. He remembers an  older mare called Misty, a white mare with a very unique head, it was short, dished with eyes that looked fake as they were so huge, ears that were extremely short for the size of the mare that seemed to curl inwards, this image stayed in Greg's young mind for ever as this was his first experience with a purebred Arabian mare, he never knew her registered name but that look was special and if ever he was to have his own horse it had to have a head similar  to this.

Greg had a coloured mare named Saturn, she was fun and naughty, if she did not want to be ridden she would hunt him out of the yard, together they won many prizes at pony club when Saturn was not bucking and rearing, she taught him to ride, he had to concentrate if he wanted to stay on. With this mare there were many long rides with good friend Shannah Hazelton on her grey gelding, they rode for hours after school, racing each other, coaching each other with flat work, sporting, jumping, what a great way for a young person to grow up.

Later on Greg got introduced to a bay Arab bred gelding named Bamboo, not once did he have his tail down, forever running free in his paddock with his tail over his back, just floating and snorting, undersaddle he was the same, this confirmed in Greg's mind that if ever he was to have his own horse it would have to be an Arabian, they made him feel that he was on top of the world, they made him feel good and if ever there is anything in your life, you have to feel good about it.

Greg  was offered a position with a local horse trainer for riding trackwork. Now to learn riding these fast powerful machines made of flesh. It was all started with young horses, a few older. He enjoyed it all, preparing the horses for racing and taking them in on racedays, The first a black gelding named Schwantz, named after the motorbike racer, not one day went past that Schwantz would turn his ears side ways and buck, just enough to keep his rider's attention.

For 6 years Greg rode trackwork, cold frosty mornings he was out there riding, he said there was nothing to make you feel more alive then to gallop a fast horse on the track in heavy rain, it was a grand experience for him.

Greg had then started work as an apprentice which included studying Horticulture, he kept riding trackwork of a morning and afternoon. 

He then saw this Arabian mare that may be availbel to purchase, his dream came true, this mare was Santa Padova Karzam, her temperament amazing, her movement electrifying, to ride she just flew like a horse with wings and fast. 

At 20 he gave up Track-work. Santa-Padova Karzam and Greg moved to Kempsey where he kept his horses at the local showground, with him then buying Santa-Padova Lynett, a lovely chestnut who was chosen as a yearling, Karzam was bred to a stallion for his first foal and so began his passion for breeding this breed that many people admire and love, Kal-el was born, Simeon Safsal was purchased, Myth Haven Arabian Farm was founded.

Kal-el, the first foal

Simeon Safsal was a step that bought back flashes of the first Arabian mare, unique head, small ears and big eyes, his presence always breathtaking. For this horse bought all dreams.

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