We would like to share some photos of our young horses, growing horses, and horses purchased by the extended Myth Haven family, we wish you all the best with them.

They are wonderful Arabians that have contributed in special ways to Myth Haven.

Jumiaah MH - Ashquar Sihr x Jassirah,  2012 Grey Filly, Straight Egyptian

Strain: A Dahman Shahwanieh, Scid clear, CA Clear, LFS Clear

**SOLD** Congratulations to Julia on your exciting choice in this sensationally exquisite young mare.

VIDEO - Jumiaah MH Yearling

Jumiaah MH November 2016

Abiebi (imp USA) - Al Hadiyyah x RA Jehan - Chestnut Mare, Straight Egyptian  

Strain: A Dahmah Shahwanieh, SCID Clear, CA Carrier, LFS Carrier



Gazardiel El Dine - Salaa El Dine x AR Bint Ghazala(imp USA)Straight Egyptian

Strain: A Seglawi Jedrani Of Ibn Sudan


Gazardiel was Greg's own personal riding horse, we retained several daughters of his and he was gelded. Congratulations to his new owners, wishing you as much fun and joy as we have had from him in his years as a stallion and sire at Myth Haven. Sire of Simit MH.

Mahira MH - Maarhir x Simeon Sucie,  2010 Grey Filly, Straight Egyptian

Strain: A Dahman Shahwanieh, CA clear, Scid clear, LFS Clear(parents tested)

Congratulations to Julia on the purchase of the ever beautiful Mahira, wishing you the most awesome future with her, we look forward to hearing of your riding adventures and seeing Mahira's future babies for you. Wishing you a magic future together.

Ashquar Sihr



Simeon Sadakah

Vanysah MH - Simeon Safsal x Pearsons Valeeah, Grey Filly, Egyptian Related.

Congratulations to Cearadale Arabians in Queensland on choosing this fabulous filly for your breeding program.


Simeon Sucie - Raadin Royal Star.imp x Fayrooz.imp(Jamil) White mare, Straight Egyptian.

Strain: A Dahmah Shahwanieh, CA Clear, SCID Clear, LFS Clear

Foaled an outstanding colt by Gazardiel El Dine for 2011. Sucie has been an incredible producer for Myth Haven, she has consistently given us beautiful progeny, each time to different stallions. She passed away in the beginning of 2012 and we are forever grateful to her contribution and being part of her life.

Sucie has been an incredible producer for Myth Haven, she has consistently given us beautiful progeny, each time to different stallions. She was a true Arabian Queen. Her foals for Myth Haven include:-

Kashik - Grey Gelding (x Stavs Syrican)

Orsuusa - Grey Mare (x Orlando),

Sumeih - Grey Mare (x Simeon Stav),

Sukumar - Grey Colt ( x Simeon Sohar),

Asghar Malak - Grey Colt (x Ashquar Sihr),

Mahira - Grey Mare (x Maarhir),

2011 Grey Colt (dec) (x Gazardiel El Dine).

Sumeih - Simeon Stav x Simeon Sucie,  2006 - 2011Grey Straight Egyptian Mare

Strain: A Dahmah Shahwanieh, CA clear, LFS Clear & Scid Clear(parents tested)

Foaled an extraordinary filly by Gazardiel El Dine in October 2011.

A tribute to our extraordinary Sumeih, we loved you, we are so grateful to have had you in our lives, we watched you grow from the beauty you were from birth to riding you along the beach, galloping in the breeze with sea water splashing us both in the face with me laughing as I rode my beautiful mare, then showing you and lastly you gave us the greatest gift in your filly before you left us, I give thanks to you Sumeih.

Fly, fly precious one
Your endless journey has begun
Take your gentle happiness
Far too beautiful for this
Cross over to the other shore
There is peace forevermore
But hold this mem'ry bittersweet
Until we meet, by C Dion

Aradin Al Masri by Ashquar Sihr from Sabtah Shura

Simeon Sohar fillies, Asriyah from Ashahni

Safs Dahiran - Simeon Safsal x Pearsons D'Ahira


Maarzuq and Ayishah owned by Mangalo Park Arabians in South Australia.


Safira Myth by Simeon Safsal, a beautiful successful endurance mare with owner Karen Hill.

Stavs Syrican by Simeon Stav from Simeon Sima, grey gelding

"Stavs Syrican"  is the Cover horse for Volume VI  of  The Arabian Horse In Australia and New Zealand.


Kashik (Stavs Syrican x Simeon Sucie) grey gelding


Colts by Simeon Safsal, Iden Myth (left) and Safs Anubis (right)

Safs Dahiran by Simeon Safsal and Sukumar by Simeon Sohar


Simeon Sohar filly Ayishah from Ashahni


Simeon Safsal progeny Safs Safsilla(left) and Safs Dahiran 


Simeon Safsal (left) and Ashahni as yearling


Simeon Sucie daughters Orsuusa (Orlando) and Sumeih (Simeon Stav)


*Maardassa(dec) was leased by Myth Haven and is the dam of Maarhir by *Salaa Sihr

Heading to the paddock, Sabtah Sphinx(exp), Greg, Ashahni and Safs Serrefa

Stavs Syrican ridden by Greg


Kal-el, first foal, by Allanooka Atom from Santa Padova Karzam


First Arabian mares, Santa Padova Karzam and Santa Padova Lynett

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