Since the age of five or six I’ve known my life was to revolve around horses. The stories and history related to the Arabian horse inspired a mystical leaning towards the intimate union of the soul through contemplation and love. With this in mind I named my stud Myth Haven and daily I remain thankful to the people and horses I consider a gift from the angels. 


Its always been about having fun, Simeon Safsal and I having so much fun riding bareback 

Photo: Trent Miles


From the very beginning the beauty and loving nature of Arabian horses fostered a wish to breed a fine-looking animal for future horse lovers to enjoy.  With an image firmly entrenched in my mind the initial years passed rapidly but  always in the back of my mind I understood Egyptian bloodlines were part of my ideal.


Simeon Safsal and I enjoying time

Photo: Trent Miles


This image became alive in the stallion Simeon Safsal (Asfour imp x Simeon Sigalit ) purchased as a yearling. He combined all the charismatic presence and qualities I loved most about the Arabian breed. His foals are testament to the saying "blood tells" especially as they inherit his unflappable temperament, deep vibrant color and good looks.


Simeon Safsal showing type and movement


Observing the prepotency of the Egyptian Arabian set my plan into action and in a strange twist of fate another door opened for my breeding program. Due to a controversial discussion on the Internet I made the extra effort to meet a stallion I had
 always admired. Little did I know all those years ago this stallion, Simeon Stav  (Asfour x Simeon Safanad) would become a major contributor to my breeding program. 
 I must admit I had no preconceived ideas about Stav other than he was beautiful with a
pedigree I loved but when the white stallion was paraded for me I realized I was seeing the real thing! He began to do the most wonderful elevated trot and leapt around on his hind legs obviously carefree and full of life.


Greg and his good buddy Simeon Stav

Photo: Trent Miles


This particular visit was arranged to view a straight Egyptian colt and after seeing Simeon Stav in the flesh I was determined to have something by him for my breeding  program. The colt Stavs Syrican was purchased, however fate works in strange ways and on that very day not only did I find a unique stallion but I also found two mares that over time were to have a massive impact on my life.



Stavs Syrican at 4 years of age and his son son Kashik from Simeon Sucie


The word "perfect" comes to mind when I think back to the day I had the opportunity to parade the Pearsons View horses including Simeon Stav for guests at a small gathering.  Not so perfect for Don the stud owner, but his misfortune became a day which lingers clear and concise with every detail remaining vivid in my memory. Stavs luminous white coat, the flashing eyes curiously watching my every move, the set of his beautiful head and the way he leapt and cavorted made the hair stand up on the back of my neck in excitement. This type of day is remembered as being a one in a million and everyone with horses often has them, whether it's a first ride on a newly broken-in horse or the birth a foal from a special mare.

Simeon Stav and I, a moment I will cherish forever

Photo: Trent Miles


The bloodlines of the mare Simeon Shaina (Asfour x Simeon Safanad) remained a “dream” for the future while Simeon Sima (Asfour x Mohema imp) immediately became the catalyst to introduce several lines I personally admire including Hanan, Kaisoon, and  Moetazza.
 Certainly from that very first visit to Pearsons View I knew Simeon Sima would always hold a very special place in my heart. 

Seeing Sima’s daughter Stavs Simbel (Simeon Stav) as a yearling cemented the desire to have the line in my stud at what ever cost. Several years later Simbel joined the Myth Haven broodmare band.  More recently Sima's first daughter Kirrong Simara by Levi was purchased to add another sire line while retaining the attributes so loved in her dam.


First time I saw Stavs Simbel as a yearling & Don Rowley

Photo: Carmel Rowley


My reminiscences would hardly be complete without mentioning the true matriarch of Myth Haven, Simeon Sucie  (Ra'adin Royal Star imp x Fayrooz imp). I had every confidence in this older mare when I purchased her,  plus I wanted to see her content and happily producing the foals her pedigree predicted her capable of doing.
Again a plan was formed this time to breed Sucie to outside stallions in the hope of producing daughters for the Myth Haven stallions. To date the arrangement has worked well with Sucie initially being bred to Stavs Syrican for the colt Kashik



Simeon Sucie and granddaughter Sabtah Shura showing their elegance, beauty and sweet natures


The flashy filly Orsuusa by Orlando imp Germ came next followed by the culmination of a dream, Sumeih by Simeon Stav.

I cannot impress enough how important Sucie is to Myth Haven in fact her blood was again introduced when her gorgeous granddaughter Sabtah Shura was purchased. An astoundingly lovely mare by Durra Shahh from Simeon Sadira by Asfour, Shura is yet to breed for the stud but her foals will be worth waiting for. 



Orsuusa (left) and Sumieh (Photo: Trent Miles) showing their type and presence


Another treasure I saw for the first time at Pearsons View was the chestnut imported mare Abiebi (El Hadiyyah x RA Jehan) and when the opportunity presented to lease her daughter Ashahni by Akid Geshan it was gratefully accepted. Ashahni now owned by Myth Haven is the dam of the large eyed beauty Ayishah by Simeon Sohar (Asfour x Wed Albadeia)


Ayishah as a foal showing she is unique


I think you are very fortunate if you can see the beauty of what you aspire to breed all around you, the mythical Arabian beauties seen in books, advertisements and art are what I strive to breed.  Every day I now live with a passion and purpose, and that purpose once more reminded me of a long term desire to integrate Simeon Shaina into the Myth Haven breeding program.

How do you describe the emotions of happiness and excitement?  The stirring in your chest when you realize the horse of your dreams has grown and developed into the colt visualized and longed for since a foal. 

This was the situation with the Salaa Sihr imp USA (Salaa El Dine x Ansata Nile Magic) colt from Simeon Shaina. I was under this colts spell from the moment I laid eyes on him and for a long time I had no idea how I would be able to acquire him.

The colt is Ashquar Sihr and Pearsons View graciously agreed to share their prize by allowing me to purchase him.

The first time I was handed his lead I was completely overwhelmed, when he pushed his face into my chest he gave me goose bumps and I felt an immediate connection. For Myth Haven the introduction of Ashquar Sihr  will undoubtedly contribute an energized dimension to the well structured breeding program.


Ashquar Sihr(Salaa Sihr(imp USA) x Simeon Shaina)

Photo: Carmel Rowley


Having three close crosses to the Hanan sons Jamill, Salaa El Dine and Asfour,  Ashquar Sihr is the complete package. He stirs my emotions with his powerful movement, naturally high carried tail and beautifully structured head; he is abundant in all the qualities I feel are essential in a pure bred Arabian male.

I know that both Myth Haven and Pearsons View feel Ashquar is the answer to the continuation of an on going journey of joyful expectation.


Ashquar Sihr, Greg Egan and Carmel Rowley

Photo: Trent Miles


Since that first step into the mystical world of Arabian horses I have never forgotten all the decisive help and advice offered over the years. As the bloodlines of Myth Haven merge together to develop a unique type of horse capable of passing on their desirable traits I feel forever grateful to the people who have assisted me in the quest to achieve my hopes and goals.

"Myth-ology" adapted and written for the Myth Haven web site by Carmel Rowley.


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